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Companies & Institutions in Japan Received US Federal Grants

102 companies and institutions in Japan that were awarded US federal grants since fiscal year 2010.

Company Name# Grants
Haitian Education & Leadership Program (help) 37
Osaka University Ship Safety R 12
Japan Advanced Institute Of 11
Tokyo Institute Of Technology 10
Tohoku University 9
International Center For Environmental Techno 9
National Institute For Materials Science, I.a 8
Nara Institute Of Science Technology 8
Kanazawa Institute Of Technology 8
Center For Collaborative Interinterdisciplina 8
Osaka University 7
Keio University 6
Osaka School Of International Public Policy 6
Nihon No Shoraiwo Kangaeru Kai 5
Japan Int. Research Center For Agri. Sciences 5
Afs Intercultural Programs Japan 5
Nagoya Institute Of Technology 5
Yokohama National University 5
Institute Of Atomic And Molecular Sciences, A 4
Npo Japan Underwater Robot Network 4
University Of Shizuoka 4
Kyoto University 4
Japan-u.s. Educational Commission 4
Ishikawajima-harima Heavy Industries Co ,ltd 3
University Of Tokyo, The 3
Haruyama, Junji 3
Japan Association Of Overseas Studies 3
Leland Stanford Junior University, Board Of T 2
Korean Society For Composite M 2
Sharp Corporation 2
Jfe Mineral Company,ltd. 2
Maebashi Institute Of Technology 2
Yamashina Institute For Ornithology 2
Japan Society Of Maintenology 2
Aqua Environmental Monitoring Limited Liabili 2
International Coral Reef Initiative 2
Fukuoka Dental College 2
University Of Tsukuba 2
University Of Tokyo, The 2
The Tokyo University Of Inform 2
Japan Space Forum 2
Tohoku Gakuin University Educa 2
World Labo, K.k. 2
Inter Locus, K.k 2
Osaka City University 2
Health And Global Policy Institute 2
Kyoto University Graduate Scho 2
Institute For Global Environmental Strategies 2
Temple University-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education 1
Asian Development Institute For Community Eco 1
Nec Corporation 1
Suntory Hall 1
Okinawan-american High School Arts Exchnage C 1
Executive Committee For Connect Usa 1
Osaka Chamber Of Commerce 1
Christo & Jeanne-claude Exhibition Committee 1
The Executive Committee Of Ci Festival Japan 1
Nippon Foundation Canpan Project 2010 1
Institute Scientific Industria 1
Npo Japan Fundrasing Association 1
Tokyo Graphic Arts Passport 1
Civil Society Organization Network Japan 1
Tokyo Institute Of Technology 1
Nanzan University 1
Tokyo Institute Of Technology 1
U.s.-japan Council Ja 1
Schaft Inc. 1
World Water And Climate Founda 1
Solar Physics Research Inc 1
Ieee Oes Japan Chapter 1
Metro Weather K.k. 1
Novel Crystal Technology Inc 1
Chiba Institute Of Technology 1
River Eletec Corporation 1
Tohoku Gakuin University 1
Osaka Gender Equality Foundation 1
Osaka Kokusai Koryu Center, Public Interest F 1
Okinawan-american High School Arts Exchange E 1
Japan Association For The International Produ 1
University Of Fukui 1
Shinshu University 1
Tokyo University Of Agriculture And Technolog 1
National University Corporation Chiba Univers 1
National Maritime Research Institute 1
National Institute Of Informatics 1
Japan Society Of Applied Physics, The 1
Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation 1
Kiyosato Educational Expreiment Project 1
Japan Explosives Society 1
Tokai University 1
America Japan Society 1
Urasoe City Baseball Association 1
Mechano Transformer Corporatio 1
Nagasaki University Graduate School 1
Hokkaido University 1
Okinawa Association For The Study Of Teaching 1
Nago International Exchange And Friendshhip C 1
Okinawa Basketball Association 1
Committee For Short Shorts Film Festival 2010 1
Kyushu University 1
Okinawa Englsih Education Development Organiz 1
Ginza Honey Bee Project Npo 1